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You Can ChangeYou Can Change: Stories from Angola Prison and the Psychology of Personal Transformation
Can people make positive changes in their lives that really last? Dr. Mark W. Baker has been trying to answer this question for the past twenty-five years as a clinical psychologist. To discover the answer, he went on a quest to find people who have changed their lives in the most dramatic ways, ending up in the largest maximum-security prison in the United States, located in Angola, Louisiana. Once the most brutal prison in the country, Angola was transformed into one of the most effective sites for rehabilitation in the United States. Baker uses stories from inside Angola, along with his decades of experience as a clinical psychologist, to share with readers the amazing human potential for change and personal growth. Drawing on themes of forgiveness, community, justice, hope, and spirituality, Baker shows all of us how to change our lives for the better–no matter who we are or what we’ve done. Order this book now from  Amazon.

Overcoming ShameOvercoming Shame: Let Go of Others’ Expectations and Embrace God’s Acceptance
by Dr. Mark W. Baker | Order this book now from Amazon
Shame is debilitating. It ruins relationships, thwarts growth, and destroys hope. It can masquerade as various problems—guilt, envy, pride, resentment—but until you heal the core issue, freedom will remain out of reach. Dr. Mark W. Baker wants to open your eyes to the real battle you’re facing and teach you the skills to effectively fight back. He will help you see how guilt is often helpful, but shame is always harmful, what you can do to restore relationships that have been damaged, why you need and deserve a renewed understanding of your worth. Combining psychological research, sound biblical teachings, and clinical experience, Dr. Baker provides a valuable resource to address the pain no one talks about—and explore the only remedy that can bring real healing.

Spiritual WisdomSpiritual Wisdom for a Happier Life: How Your 8 Key Emotions Can Work for You
By Dr. Mark W. Baker | Available from: AmazonBarnes and
There are eight basic human emotions that all people experience–hurt, guilt/shame, anger, anxiety, sorrow, fear, happiness, and love. We might believe we make sense of our lives by thinking through our experiences, but neuroscience shows that the part of our brains that processes emotions is many times faster than the part where logic and reason hold sway. It’s the way God created us, but if we do not develop wisdom for handling our feelings, we may find that our emotions continue to get the best of us. Thankfully, the Bible is full of guidance about our emotions. With keen insight into human psychology and a gift for drawing wisdom for life from Scripture, Dr. Mark Baker shows readers how they can find comfort and promote emotional health in their lives. Anyone experiencing distress in their relationships or struggling with overwhelming emotions or even traumatic events will find clear biblical help and healing, leading them to a happier, more fulfilled life.

More books are available on Dr. Mark Baker's website.

Audio & Video

Videos published by Dr. Mark Baker and his radio interviews on KKLA:
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More videos and radio interviews are available on this page and on Dr. Mark Baker’s website

Clinical Research Articles

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• Anxiety and values: Anxiety as caused by the frustration of a major value, religion. in Journal of the Louisiana Psychological Association, 2(4),35-41.
• Righteousness

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