La Vie’s Mission

The three-fold mission of La Vie started in 1980 when Professor Walter Becker at Fuller Theological Seminary had the vision to start a “whole person” Christian counseling center that would treat the body, mind, spirit and relationships all those who came for help. Joining with a medical doctor and pastor, Dr. Becker would take his skills as a Clinical Psychologist and combine them with the expertise of these other fields to form the foundation of La Vie’s model for healing the hurt that is so prevalent in our world today. Our mission focuses upon the three areas of Affordable Psychological Counseling, Up-to-Date Psychological Education for the Community, and Professional Training for the next generation of Licensed Therapists.

Affordable Psychological Counseling

La Vie recognizes the under served needs of the working poor. Many work hard to maintain their jobs, yet they do not have the medical insurance or disposable income to afford psychological counseling. La Vie’s mission is to offer quality psychological counseling at affordable rates to those that do not qualify for government assistance, yet fall in the gaps financially and need help to pay for the counseling that is so essential to their mental and relational health.

La Vie’s mission is to educate as many people as possible with the latest psychological research, and equip the general public with the knowledge they need to live emotionally healthy lives. La Vie therapists have published books that have sold over 2 million copies worldwide, present podcasts to national audiences, regularly speak about spiritual and emotional health on the radio, offer lectures to churches and community organizations, and present audio and video educational material on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blog posts.

Up-to-Date Psychological Education for the Community

Professional Training For the Next Generation

La Vie is committed to raising up the next generation of quality mental health professionals that grasp the importance of treating the whole person, including body, mind, spirit and relationships. We offer practicum training for therapists pursuing a master’s degree in accredited counseling programs, and we employ MFT Associates and Psychological Assistants that have completed at least a master’s degree and are accruing the necessary hours of counseling experience to be licensed in the State of California. The senior staff of La Vie have all received post-graduate advanced training in psychotherapy, and have been educating professional therapists since 1980 in our training program.

If you would like to know more about the integration of contemporary psychology and the wisdom found in the teachings of Christianity, you can read the book written by our Executive Director, Dr. Mark Baker, Jesus the Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived. So many people around the world have been helped by this book that it has sold over two million copies worldwide.