Natalie Zimm, M.A.

Natalie Zimm, M.A.
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #127767
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #10172

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Do you have a FOMO on your life’s purpose? Are you compromising your authenticity because your body’s central nervous system is often hijacked? Have you found your current coping skills are chain-smoking, buying 100 pairs of shoes, or researching super specific topics until 2 A.M? Do you feel manipulated, pressured, or bullied a lot?

Would you like to instead gain deeper spiritual connection, and heal from past wounds to live a more authentic, purposeful, and joyful life?

I believe you have the resources needed inside you to safely heal and regain trust in yourself. If you have struggled with childhood traumas like neglect, physical or sexual abuse, or even gaslighting from a caregiver, and find you get “stuck” in patterns that don’t serve you, then let’s take a fresh look together with, curiosity and compassion, to restore what you’ve lost. 

With over a decade of experience working in animation, I’ve found that I am an asset to others in the arts and entertainment industry as well as other creatives and countercultural Clientele I have been clinically serving for the past 5 years struggling with substance use, trauma, and anxiety. 

I utilize a holistic approach to therapy examining nutrition, exercise, and sleep patterns. My foundational training is in psychodynamic therapy, which involves examining patterns in relationships, attachment, and developmental stages, as well as IFS, which focuses on using “self-energy” to manage out-of-balance “parts.” 

Other areas of training: CBT, DBT, M.I., ACT, mindfulness, sports psychology, Polyvagal Theory, integration of spirituality, BIPOC/LGBTQ+

Natalie Zimm received her Master's in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Associate Professional Clinical Counselor at La Vie under the supervision of Rick Jackson, M.S., LMFT, #MFT83813

Areas of Clinical Interest: Substance Use, Trauma & PTSD, Attachment Wounds, Creative Block, Identity/Purpose/Spiritual Exploration, Work/Life Balance & Transitions, Generalized, Performance, & Social Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Loss, Relationship Issues, Abandonment, Rejection, Self-Esteem, Co-Dependency, Sub-Culture & Multicultural Counseling, Bipolar & ADHD
Modality: Adolescents, Adults, Couples
Rate per Session: $100
Accepts Insurance: No
Flexible Fee: Yes
Office Locations: Pasadena
Phone: (800) 483-9591 ext. 174
Fax: (626) 351-9493

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