Carolena Sarkisian

Carolena Sarkisian
Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee

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 I started playing sports for the same reason that most of us do: because they’re fun. Over the years I was fortunate to become a competitive athlete. Yet, I didn’t realize until much later the impacts and experiences that I was going through - some through physical injury, others through emotional stress - simply by turning playtime into the makings of a vocation. 

As I grew older and left my athletic career behind with no sort of closure or reflection, I was confronted with my first obviously traumatic psychological experience – my father’s passing. I began my therapeutic journey to really dive into and understand my emotional state and just how much of it I had ignored along the way, instilling a profound appreciation for the influence of mental health on overall wellness. 

My time spent earning my master’s degree in Kinesiology brought me back into familiar territory with a new focus on understanding the mind-body connection and how imbalances manifest. The idea of being sound of mind and sound of body helped me start to see the pieces of the puzzle, and, reflecting on my own athletic career that I eventually unpacked and processed allowed me to see the bigger picture of wellness. I recognized that physiology and psychology go hand in hand, influencing my philosophy on what truly comprises wellness. Thus, I gravitated towards a comprehensive approach to health, an approach to psychology, perhaps motivated by the field of kinesiology, one that considers the human form as a whole, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, together. 

With that said, I am interested in helping and working with all walks of life on their journey. I believe in others and their stories; and hope to help each individual guide, heal, and grow to reach their fullest potential. 

 I am currently finishing my Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University and am a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee 
under the supervision of Kelsey Sima, LMFT #118483

Areas of Clinical Interest:  Sports/Performance issues, Spirituality, Mind-body connection, Holistic Approach, Somatic Work, Life Meaning/Purpose, Relationship issues, Family issues, Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Work/School stress
Modality: Athletes (of all ages), Couples, Individuals, Children, and Families
Rate per Session: $55
Accepts Insurance: No
Flexible Fee: Yes
Office Location: Pasadena, Santa Monica
Phone: (800) 483-9591 ext. 141
Fax: (626) 351-9493
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