Lauryn Lucido

Lauryn Lucido
Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee

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Lauryn is a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee under the supervision of Joanne Weidman, M.S., LMFT 40893. Lauryn graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology and is currently attending Fuller Theological Seminary for her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. At Fuller, Lauryn is receiving specialized training in Restoration Therapy, a therapy model that combines emotion regulation, mindfulness, and attachment theory to help clients identify old destructive patterns of behavior and promote change.

Lauryn is passionate about working with couples (premarital and marital) to help bring about relational, emotional and spiritual healing. Specifically, she enjoys providing support and encouragement for parents of children with special needs. Lauryn has several years of experience working as an in-home caretaker and teacher for a child with severe special needs. She has witnessed the unique stressors that parents experience in caring for children with special needs and, as a result, seeks to promote a flourishing home environment where each family member feels heard and known. In addition, Lauryn’s certification in Medical Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary gives her the background to serve families affected by illness or special needs.

Lauryn is also interested in caring for those who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and major life transitions.

Areas of Clinical Interest:
Marital and premarital counseling, families with children with special needs, anxiety, depression, spirituality, life transitions
Modality: Couples, families, individuals
Rate per Session: $45
Accepts Insurance: No
Flexible Fee: Yes
Office Location: Pasadena, Santa Monica
Phone: (800) 483-9591 ext. 173
Fax: (626) 351-9493
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